Governor Sununu Should Sign HB364: Allowing Cannabis Cultivation for Therapeutic Use - Granite Grok

Governor Sununu Should Sign HB364: Allowing Cannabis Cultivation for Therapeutic Use

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It is well documented that I object to the “legal Weed” movement, primarily on its mechanics. It leads to government growth, high taxation, regulatory expansion, and as it turns out more policing, not less.

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And, not be forgotten, the reality of human nature and drugs.

People and certain things when left unrestricted by morality or common interest, even in a liberal culture, are not good for people, for society or much else. That does not mean that these things do not have their time or their place.

When I had my heart attack, they gave me fentanyl for the pain. That’s what it does, and it does it well. It should not be banned, but its distribution and use need to be controlled because when it is not human nature leads to misadventure.

Government is no different so it too must be controlled. We as citizens cannot, even when we may desire something, allow that to outweigh the damage government could do if we are to give in to its impulses. Especially when its denizens discard a previous moral position because they have discovered that doing so will make “them” rich. Where the “them” is the State, and its desire to finance its ability to further interfere in our lives.

Having said that, Marijuana has legitimate clinical uses.

HB364 allows for the personal cultivation of plants for clinical application (theraputic use). The rules are simple. They do not expand government at all, nor do they enrich it. You must have a legitimate medical need and register with the state. The one-time fee is $50.00.

If you misuse your privilege, as with alcohol, or driving, or just existing with other humans in near proximity, you risk losing that and others. 

Individuals who eligible and make the decision to participate should understand that at present Federal law does not recognize this “privilege.” So, it is up to you to understand what that means.

With all that in mind, Governor Sununu should sign HB364.