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DISQUS Doodlings – Go ahead, give me ONE eco-apocalypse that has come true!

And of course, they can’t.  Not a single one.  I was in high school back in the early 70s and at that time, there was a rumor that we were all gonna die – of COLD!  A new Ice Age was coming and we’d better get our nuke plants ready because they’d be the only source of energy for….gack….centuries!  And it continued into the late 70s but by then, the Earth Day pagan rituals had started and a new religious zeal grabbed hold and hasn’t yet stopped.  Yet, they can’t answer one DANG question of mine!

Of course, I’m speaking of Tree Hugger at the post “It’s time to dump Earth Day and join the Extinction Rebellion” in which they advocate for MUCH more “action” than has been happening – I’ll cut to the chase: protests all days, all the time, and if you are inconvenienced, well, then you’d better join us.   Yeah, that ain’t happening because for ALL of their mindless collective blithering, they still can’t answer one simple question.  Someone with the handle of “Snapperhead” decided to take issue with a level headed chart showing how tiny a part that renewable energy  has in our modern day energy based standard of living (emphasis mine):

My friend, you’re killing us with this nitpicking and negativity. There’s no more time for arguing. The planet is in serious trouble. There is no doubt of that. We’ve reached emergency mode. It’s time to get out and protest. Join in the movement, or support it remotely. You don’t think that XR has the smartest goals? That’s not the point. The point is media exposure. The point is nonviolent disruption that costs millions of dollars and shakes up the politicians. The point is that we’re out of time and that we need to mobilize to save the planet. Join in and spread the word.

Over 40 years I’ve been listening to this nonsense – so I asked THE Number One question of these zealots:

The problem is that I’ve been listening to a whole gaggle of failed eco-Apocalypse disasters since before the first Earth Day. Short term, long term – NONE of them have happened so I disagree that “the planet is in serious trouble”. But it is rather amusing to watch more of them fly by – each of them just beyond most of us reaching that time period (like 2100, anyone?). I’d take them a bit more seriously, even if only 25% came to pass but 0% have come true. We’re still here, lifespans are climbing (caveat: not in the US but drugs account for much of that + suicides – NOT enviro disasters).

Please, show me one that has already passed that came true.

I think that’s a really simple question – from 1970 to 2019 – 49 years. If the planet was in such deep doo-doo, shouldn’t at least ONE prediction (and plenty have been made with time lines much shorter than 49 years) come true?  In fact, not a single one and we’ve made sport of all of these Illuminaries making such predictions and the only thing that is surer than “weather happens” is that a new crop of direness is issued and soon to be forgotten – until somebody goes “oh, whatever happened to….” and it turns up yet another dead wrong dud.  Not even Bruce Curie, hard as he tries, can’t give give us one. And neither could Snapperhead:

When one falls from a 10-story building, the first 9 stories pass by with no problems whatsoever. If the global biosphere collapses, it’ll be like reaching the pavement.

Yeah, that’ll show me for asking such a pesky question!  And I doubt I’ll get any more than that. So I’ll leave it with this:

Let me translate what you just wrote: “I can’t give you a prediction that has come true. So I’ll deflect”. See, you just gave me yet another anecdote that proves my premise. Sorry, our biosphere is not a “The Day after Tomorrow” movie set.

So I’m still waiting – do you have an eco-apocolypse prediction that has come true or not?

Am very much doubting that I’ll hear back unless it is like something that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, that famous Progressive Philosopher, once said about wanting to be morally right than factually correct.  It’s always about the ideology, isn’t it?