Acting Director of DHS Allegedly Leaked Planned ICE Deportation Raids to the Press - Granite Grok

Acting Director of DHS Allegedly Leaked Planned ICE Deportation Raids to the Press

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The acting head of the Department of Homeland Security Kevin McAleenan is implicated in a press leak that undermined a planned raid by ICE officials to detain and deport up to 2000 know illegal aliens living in the Interior US.

The operation was reportedly set to take place today, but after the deliberate leak, the Administration called it off.

“Leaking the locations and details to stop the operation from happening not only harmed operational integrity, but it put the safety and well-being of his own officers in jeopardy,” one administration official said to BuzzFeed. “The ICE mission is enforcing the nation’s laws and ensuring those who are unlawfully present in the country are removed if ordered by a judge; this will leave an unerasable mark on his tenure.”

McAleenan needs to be investigated, interrogated, and if he is guilty, charged. If not lear him and find the leak. There is far too much partisan leaking nonsense at work here. People jeopardizing the lives of law enforcement engaged in their legal duty.

ICE advised the Trump administration to call off the raids after the plan’s details were leaked. The news reports tipped off likely targets, giving them time to leave before the arrival of ICE’s Enforcement and Removal Operations officers. Additionally, ICE agents could be made targets themselves in neighborhoods that were expecting their presence.

The swap is full of these creeps. And until a few dozen find themselves in orange prison garb frog-marched into tiny cells the only time there will ever be any control is when people are in fear for their actual lives. Like in China, or under a Clinton administration. Which means sensitive operations will continue to leak like a sieve to the detriment of the security and safety of the nation.

I’ve no qualms about the press on this story, by the way. Someone throws that in your lap I don’t expect you to ignore it. My problem with the media is that it pretends it is not partisan but would bury any number of damaging stories about Democrats or their administration’s antics.

Michael Isikoff hiding the Clinton Lewinsky scandal made Matt Drudge.

We saw the media ignore or soft-peddle dozens of Obama scandals.  And they’ve tripped over themselves to share “leaks” about Trump most of which are grossly slanted spin or simply not true. Some probably planted to trace leakers.

People are waking up to that reality. The Swamp critters need to wake up to one as well. But that’s not happening without a few folks landing in prison.

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