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A Great Summer Reading Idea… That Makes Fun of Liberals

Apocali Now - Evan Sayet

If you are looking for a great (and quick) summer read that’s fun, family-friendly, and politically incorrect, we’ve got the book for you. It’s Evan Sayet’s latest bestseller. Apocoli Now!

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“Apocali” is the made-up plural of apocalypse and the never ending apocalyptic visions used by greedy control freaks to increase their wealth and power. Al Gore has made millions off of the latest scheme, “Global Warming”, while socialists like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Nancy Pelosi use it to push a Big-Government agenda.In this faux children’s book, political comedian and philosopher Evan Sayet, walks us through the plethora of environmental “apocali” that have come and gone through the years and the scam behind man-made Global Warming. Illustrated by the nationally syndicated editorial cartoonist A.F. Branco, Apocali Now! makes a great read for your children and an even better gift for your left-wing friends.

I read it, and it’s a blast. A Fun “children’s” book loaded with truths Adults will love and love to share. With a child, grandchild, or maybe a liberal child; send a copy to your Democrats friends!

You can get it Amazon in print or e-book, or wherever outstanding Liberal-triggering, satire is sold.

And if you have not yet read it I highly recommend KinderGarten of Evil – How the Modern Liberal Thinks.

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