So NH State Liz McConnell - can you tell us WHY you think NH Cities should disobey the Law? - Granite Grok

So NH State Liz McConnell – can you tell us WHY you think NH Cities should disobey the Law?

Yep, that’s right – Liz McConnell ran and won in an R+5 district (just call it a high Republican district – Brentwood).  The question is, how did she do it?  How could someone that is a hard Left Progressive Democrat win an a district that is overwhelmingly Republican?  I can think of only two ways – both of which we’ve nailed these phony-baloney Democrats on for years:

  • Lie about their true stances on things – like when she said at the Brentwood Selectmen meeting where she said “I didn’t vote for a bill with that title” (HB109) KNOWING that the “title” printed in the Brentwood Newsletter was a DESCRIPTION and not a TITLE” when she actually did.  She just wanted everyone else THINK she didn’t vote for it.
  • Don’t say ANYTHING about an issue close to their inner Socialist / anti-Law stance and for which they already know they’ll vote FOR it – just conveniently forget to tell their Republican voters of their intent.

Like this:

So, what are the odds that NH State Rep Liz McConnell RAN and CAMPAIGNED and told her Republican constitutents that “Hey, I’m in favor breaking Federal Law here in NH! All those illegal aliens – come on over.  My constituents will pay for your welfare needs – and look, cheap labor to boot!  Just go along to play along with me!”

Yeah, Rule of Law?  Not so much.

But one thing is true, that if you Google “NH State Rep Liz McConnell”, there are currently 9 posts on the First Page.  Three of them are GraniteGrok links – drive them higher on the page by clicking on them.  Readers, you DO know what this means, don’t you? Second page has a link to a YouTube in where she advocates for more gun control.  If you would, click on it – drive it onto the First Page. After all, 2020 is coming and when residents of Brentwood wish to find out more about NH State Rep Liz McConnell, we want to make sure that they are FULLY informed.

And don’t worry, we have more for Eric Turer, her political comrade in arms – two of the links on Google searching for him are on the First Page as well.

It’s what we do.

Yes, Liz McConnell, by trying to stifle the Free Speech and actively seeking to censor them, you brought upon yourself.  If you had acted responsibly and in line with Constitutional norms and values, we would have just ignored you.  But we aren’t – and it’s what we do.

(H/T: Inside Sources)