So Laconia's Democrat State Reps want illegal aliens to vote in NH elections? - Granite Grok

So Laconia’s Democrat State Reps want illegal aliens to vote in NH elections?

Last week, I wrote a letter pointing out that Laconia’s two Democrat state representatives voted to allow biological males to play on girls’ sports teams. Unsurprisingly, the insane voting of Representatives David O. Huot and Charlie St. Clair includes other ridiculous matters that fly in the face of hard-working, law-abiding New Hampshire people — many of which fly under the radar. Of course, this allows these two men to portray themselves as mere good-guys, well-known about the city in various organizations, groups, and even at church. Sure, they might be Democrats, but that’s just because they claim to care — they’re certainly not like the far-left loons that we often see featured at the national level. Or are they?

In March, reported that the Democrat-controlled N.H. House passed a bill that allows illegal aliens to obtain driver’s licenses: “The New Hampshire House passed a bill Wednesday that would allow residents in the state who do not have a Social Security card to get a driver’s license. Supporters of the measure say undocumented immigrants already living in the state should be able to drive to work and transport family members without breaking the law. They argue that many are already driving without licenses and this bill would make roads safer.”

Upon reading this, I decided to have a look at the roll call of that bill, N.H. HB-397, and sure enough, there they were: YES votes by both Mr. Huot and Mr. St. Clair. Sure, they say, let’s give driver’s licenses to illegal aliens. What could go wrong?

What are these two clowns thinking? Do they not pay attention to the news? How many have been killed nationally on our roadways due to illegals causing mayhem as they violate our rules designed to promote safety? How many are dead that might still be with us if not for this imported menace, aided and abetted by the likes of Huot and St. Clair and their comrades in the Democrat Party, local and national?

Wake up, Laconia voters — you MUST reclaim basic values and common sense the next time you vote! These two, and their would-be comrades that will undoubtedly run for office, must be sent packing.