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Rhode Island Towns Declare Themselves Second Amendment Sanctuaries

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We’ve covered the Second Amendment Sanctuary movement from Illinois to ‘way out west,’ but this is the first I’ve heard of a New England ‘anything’ declaring itself a sanctuary for the right to keep and Bear Arms.

The town of Hopkinton passed a resolution Monday night, vowing not to enforce laws that infringe on the Second Amendment’s provision to keep and bear arms, although the measures are “largely symbolic,” the Providence-Journal reported. The town of Burrillville passed a similar measure in April.

I can see why. Rhode Island’s Governor is milking all of the skinny anti-gun narrative cows.

“I think they’re trying to make a political statement opposing my gun safety legislation,” Raimondo told The Associated Press on Friday. “I happen to think we’ve had enough gun violence and enough gun violence in schools that we need to pass these laws, but if you oppose it, then go to the Statehouse and lobby against it.”

Did you catch the thing about ‘gun violence?’ If you’re not sure what that is visit Chicago, Atlanta, LA, or DC. Go anywhere Democrats have had a lock on power for decades. Cities with all the bans and restrictions, and limitations that come about because politicians said they’d ‘had enough gun violence.’

They are the violence (including gun-violence) capitals of the nation.

But you can’t get to utopia without some violence or the state denying you the right to defend yourself. Oh, and no free speech. And property rights have to go. There’s a list. It’s very long. You get nothing but what they give you, and even that is subject to your obedience to the narrative.

So, it’s nice to see towns in a New England State trying this second amendment sanctuary thing on for size, even if – at least for the moment – it’s mostly symbolic.