Prissy Progressive Peterborough Passes Back Door Effort To Finally Be Rid of “That Gun Club!”

Peterborough NH

Peterborough has been trying to get rid of the Monadnock Rod and Gun club for years. The club has been tied up in a legal fight, and the prissy progressives have attempted to eliminate by any means necessary, which now includes (basically) defining it out of existence.

Which, I should say, I don’t think they can do. You can’t ban legal outdoor shooting in New Hampshire that meets all the legal requirements. People shoot int heir backyards all the time. But nothing has yet stopped them in their quest to destroy this humble hunting club.

This time they used a warrant article. On page three – Article two amendment one.

zoning amendment

If you wanted to know the finer details of what that means, you had to read the online PDF here or browse the copy in the voting booth, which no one does.

Peterborough warrant article1

Peterborough warrant article

Shooting ranges shall be required to be entirely enclosed indoor facilities.

Monadnock Rod and Gun Club have been around a long time. As I understand it they are grandfathered in for noise ordinances (and likely other things) meaning any neighbors who chose to live within earshot have only themselves to blame if they dislike the sound of target practice.

But they don’t want to do that. So the town and its retched liberal hoard have been after the club for years.

Last July the city was bringing police and heavy equipment to level the place. You can get some background from that here.

They’ve been accused of wetland violations. Placed under cease and desist orders. The courts have been involved and of course, there’s the noise. And now they have snuck some text into an otherwise innocuous warrant article about recreational areas that they – the Prissy Peterborough Progressive – believe could the end of this fight.

We will find out.

Yesterday, voters passed the article 1125-320.

The game of municipal malfeasance continues.

Note: we only learned about the text in the article a day or so ago. Not enough time to make a difference. But I’m sure the fight continues. In court. Bleeding the club to death.