Power-lifting Federation Revokes Records Broken by Trans-Woman Competitor

Mary Gregory Power lifting champion

Remember Mary Gregory? “She” broke four ‘women’s’ world records for powerlifting. It made quite the stir, and it’s about to make another one. Mary is a man transitioning to a woman and has just had those world records stripped.

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Back on May 1st, we reported on the proud victor (or is that Victoria?)

Mary Gregory is a man who thinks he is a woman. Mary’s sport of choice is powerlifting. There is no trans-women’s power-lifting category, so Mary competes as a woman. Mary just broke four ‘women’s’ world records for powerlifting.

The story quickly spread to include some well-placed outrage by women in professional sports.

People are wondering, why were men competing as women? Where are the guidelines? Who’s running this crackpot operation? This is the end of women’s sports.

These are all good questions and observations from many corners that are worthconsidering.

RAW Powerlifting says it is doing that and has what it believes to be a reasonable timeline and explanation here.

At the end of the day, literally, Mary was tested and was too much man for this women’s competition. As a result, no records were broken. Gregory has been stripped of the world records and any commensurate titles associated with them.

The RAW Powerlifting Federation Board was scheduled to meet this past week to discuss guidelines.

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