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Obligatory: 18-Year Old Colorado Shooter is a Registered Democrat

Devon Erickson

Your News Wire is reporting that another member of the Donkey Cult has joined the ranks of those attempting a shooting spree. This time it was a STEM school in Colorado where one student died, and eight others were injured.

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I know, Democrats had their fingers crossed that this was another Tea Party, White Christian, NRA affiliated, Republican “Boy Scout” or JROTC enrollee. Maybe someone in a MAGA hat? Sorry, he’s a registered Democrat.

Devon Erickson - Colorado Voter Registration

[Devon] Erickson’s social media pages indicate that he is a youth theater actor and registered Democrat who has expressed hatred for some Christians, criticized President Donald Trump and praised former President Barack Obama.

Devon does not appear to be a fan of Tea Party, White Christian, NRA affiliated, Republican “Boy Scouts,” JROCTC enrollees or Donald Trump. But as a Democrat, he’s been brewing in the Left’s non-stop hatred for years. Listening to high-ranking Democrats talk about attacking the president, his cabinet, or his supporters. Mob tactics. Media personalities call for his death while Antifa attacks people in the name of silencing hate speech and life at birth is marginalized as nothing but an inconvenience that should be terminated.

Confusing kids about sex and gender and race and the propaganda of intolerance for ideas other than your own. It’s hard to get along with anyone if you are in that headspace.

But that’s the message the liberal media and the Donkey National Party (DNC) share daily. And yet, somehow this isn’t a path to violence? The messages of action, rebellion, and victimhood. What might that do to someone who’s already having trouble just being a teenager?

He wasn’t alone

The Second shooter is a transgender minor.

The second accused shooter has now been identified as Alec McKinney. You can read about Alec here. Alec is identified in court records as Maya McKinney, but a Denver television station reports that McKinney is transgender and transitioning to male.

Both are said to be struggling with mental health issues.

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