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New York State Considers Banning Texting While Walking

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From the Ministry of, “no stone left unturned.” The party of Darwin and evolution’s Empire State acolytes has discovered a new state power. It’s okay; they claim it is for the good of the people.

Walking while texting. I think we all know this is a bad idea – specifically in crosswalks, which is the focus of a Bill in the New York State Assembly. It would fine pedestrians “caught” gazing lovingly into their dopamine-generating hand-held devices while journeying from curb to curb.

Texting, email, any “looking down” and not paying attention could get you cited.

I guess I missed the statistical analysis passing for need. I’m sure they have one. Not that it matters. New Hampshire pushed a hands-free ban in vehicles based on the argument that we’d have fewer fatalities and that number has been climbing since it became law.

Back in New York, the calculus might be easier. That State spends money like it’s run by Democrats because it is. So, is this proposal because they really care, or are they just looking for a new revenue stream? Are street cops not busy enough? Do they need to expand their role as tax collectors and if so at what cost to policing?

Is there an angle here where a new union protected texting enforcement task force can join the payroll of every city, township, or berg? Reporting to a ministry of Pedestrian Affairs at the state capital (massive staff, colossal payroll, but beautiful office space. Have you seen the Coy pond in the lobby?).

At least one New York State Democrat thinks the bill might be “an overreach of government.” 

As a ranking majority member in a state with one-party rule, what context can you possibly have as a poster-child for government overreach? What could that even mean?  

He doesn’t oppose the idea, by the way, just the current language. What, you’d rather see it in the original German?

One of the sponsors said, “Sometimes even proposing legislation reminds people of common sense things to do and common-sense things not to do,” …”If nothing else, the mere introduction of this bill has got people talking and thinking.”

Since when did a state capital full of Democrats approach anything remotely like common sense? I live in New Hampshire. Some idiot handed the left the keys to the state House for two years. Within days it was like a legisaltive progressive frat party. They tried to turn us into the People’s Republic of New York.

Here’s an idea. Instead of writing a bill put out a press release. A sort-of greeting card reminder to the people. Keep it simple and honest.

While we can continue to rely on your vote…
we cannot continue to tax you if you are dead.