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How Do You Measure the Character of a President? Charlie Kirk Schools a Student on “Morals”

Charlie Kirk - Turning Point USA

A student has the media industrial complex programmed opinion about President Trump. He asks, for such an individual, an obvious question. How can you support that man!

Okay, he didn’t say it like that. He said,

“Whether or not you agree with Trump’s policies it is undeniable that he is the most morally corrupt President in modern history…My question is, how do you reconcile your support for him with his character?

You don’t have to wait for the boom! Charlie Kirk brings the hammer down, in the kindest possible way.

As we’ve so often said, it’s not what you say to get into office it is what you do once you get there.

Most politicians do not begin to approach their campaign promises. Most find themselves bogged down and give up for nibbling at the edges and going along to get along. Milking the benefits of incumbency. Many into old age. Having accomplished next to nothing.

Mr. Trump, having no use for any of them, or their, money, or power, or prestige, has tried to advance and keep every promise he made against the will of the government itself and everyone who lives and feeds at its troughs.

Despite all that he has been more successful, as Kirk notes, than perhaps any president since Reagan. And I’d argue potentially more successful than Reagan. If Trump wins in 2020 I have no doubt he will.

He said vote for me, and I’ll do this.

Millions came out and voted for him

He’s doing everything he can to keep those promises. For the voters.

And he could give a damn what the Washington elite or the press think about him while he does.