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Transparency In News, Reporting and Commentary

Who done it?

CNN has 90 million subscribers. It is available in 90 Million homes. That means 227.7 million people daily could be viewing CNN’s coverage. The terror-supporting regime of Qatar has placed at least 4 national security “experts” on the network. Those people with ties to the regime report, comment and editorialize regularly for the network.

What did they do?

Conservative Review has reported:
Several of the so-called national security experts at CNN that you see on television every night have direct links to the nation of Qatar, a terror-funding, Islamist enclave in the Middle East that has placed itself on the warpath against America’s most important regional allies.

These four CNN regulars, two of whom are full-time employees, double as Qatar-tied propagandists, but you would never know it if you only watched CNN. Conservative Review lists Ali Soufan, Mehdi Hasan, Juliette Kayyem, and Peter Bergen among those with ties to Qatar.

None of these CNN regulars disclose their financial and/or institutional ties to Qatar. Apparently CNN sees no reason to disclose either. It would seem that disclosure of potential conflicts of on air contributors would be important to viewers. Off air, they are also not forthcoming about their Qatar-backed connections.

Even when it comes to discussing issues where there is a clear conflict of interest these CNN contributors have no issue going to bat against Qatar’s rivals. Those rivals would include Israel, Saudi Arabia, or UAE affairs. Shouldn’t the network require its contributors, whether employees or independents, to disclose that their editorial freedom is restricted or that they are personally conflicted in their representations?


Fewer than one million viewers on average actually watch CNN. There’s a reason people are staying away from CNN in droves. Let’s hope that the lack of transparency at CNN and the potential failure to disclose pertinent conflicts of interest leads to their removal from more media distribution packages. Isn’t it interesting to note which information distributors are rising and which are falling. Do you think it is an indicator of which way the political wind is blowing.

Flag & Cross, By: John Salvatore, April 4, 2019