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SNHU Taps Confessed Sexual Abuser as Commencement Speaker


Southern New Hampshire University has selected Senator Corey Booker (D-#MeToo) to give the school’s commencement address to their online graduates. Booker, who is an admitted sexual abuser, groped a drunk friend as a teenager. And now he’s running for President.

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Good thing it’s not the US Supreme Court,

Democrat Presidential Primaries are so much more forgiving. And he’s making the motions, one of which is giving a commencement address for a local University that has a Sexual misconduct policy.

SNHU Sexual Misconduct

Booker’s indiscretion qualifies. So, what’s the punishment?  (calm down, we’re just fooling around here)

New Hampshire law defines three levels of sexual assault:
 Sexual assault,
 Felonious sexual assault, and
 Aggravated felonious sexual assault.
Sexual assault (RSA 632-A:4) means unwanted or unwelcome touching of a sexual nature, including: fondling; penetration of the mouth, anus, or vagina, however slight, with a body part or object; or other sexual activity that occurs without valid consent.

He would be guilty of a Class A Misdemeanor in the Granite State.

Sen. Corey Booker’s treatment of Judge Kavanaugh during his confirmation hearing was also something of a crime (as is his voting record) but we’ll leave that to the court of public opinion.