Anti-Gun Kamala Harris ‘Carries’ A Firearm for her Personal Safety

Kamala Harris

Kamala got a gun. Kamala Got a gun. Her Hypocrisy’s come undone…you get the idea? Democrat Presidential aspirant and career gun-grabber Kamal Harris carries a firearm ” for probably the reason a lot of people do — for personal safety.”

She packs for personal safety, she says. Because she had a job that demands such a thing. People like her — powerful people — have exerted their power in pursuit of truth and justice so they OF COURSE need firearms to protect themselves.

But you people? What have you possibly done in life — certainly not become a lawyer and prosecuted bad people — to warrant the perks of gun ownership?

You’re not as valuable as she is which is at the heart of the matter.

Sarah Lee, writing at Red State, cuts to the chase.

And that message is this: we get the guns, we get the power.

You get to be ruled.

| RedState