13 Days after Benghazi Ilhan Omar Tweeted "Allahu Akbar :) #LifeisGood" - Granite Grok

13 Days after Benghazi Ilhan Omar Tweeted “Allahu Akbar :) #LifeisGood”

Ilhan Omar

We can’t know her mind on 9/25/2012. But we have a sense of her mind now. On September 11th, 2001 some people did something. This is also true of September 11th, 2012. Some Islamists said Allahu Akbar and killed Americans.

People might have a right to be suspicious of her loyalties. A little civilized push-back is in order. Add the antisemitism tropes and you find yourself confronted with a common Islamist thread. First the Saturday people, then the Sunday people. First, conquer the jews then the West.

This is an elected member of Congress. Lucy got some explainin’ to do.

Optics, Ideology, And a Battle Royale

I’ll confess that I have no idea why Omar was praising Allah on September 25th, 2012. But given recent remarks and their trend, I won’t fault people for suggesting a connection between the two events. Such claims bear more credence than 99.9% of the Left’s rants about Trump and their blanket labeling of a racist Right.

There is a connection between Democrat Socialists and Islamic radicalism even though the latter embraces intolerance of not just Gays, Trans, Women, and Jews. But they are not BFFs. This is an enemy of my enemy is a friend sort of thing.

Omar hangs with groups like CAIR with connections to The Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas and the use of terrorism as a tool for political change. Their end goal is to extinguish Western Culture and especially the Democrat cultural agenda.

So, why did Omar choose to be a Democrat? She picked that party as a path to public office and political power.

Democrats have no love for the limits placed on power by the Constitution. And neither do advocates of Sharia. They both seek to overwhelm the system to create a vacuum. They then promise stability and safety in exchange for power. Everything they do leads to this point.

They both think they are playing each other, so the question that remains unanswered is this. Which side loses when one has to disembowel the other to get what they want because the two cannot coexist.