Utah Teacher Apologizes for Making Student Scrub Ash-Cross from his Forehead

Cadbury Bunny Chocolate Easter

The new narrative in the case of a Utah public school teacher who asked a student to scrub his Ash-Wednesday cross from his forehead is that it looked like dirt. A smudge. Just being thoughtful, No harm intended. The student’s grandmother isn’t buying it.

Boston.com reports that,

Karen Fisher, William’s grandmother, said she’s not quite ready to accept the apology because Patterson pressed the boy to remove the symbol even after he explained its significance twice. “It’s kind of hard to swallow, a little, for me,” she said.

Fisher doesn’t want Patterson to lose her job or for any harm to come to her, but said a break is warranted to ensure she and others in the community are aware of other faith traditions.

The teacher has apologized. The school has apologized. Random community members are probably apologizing. Sorry, we thought your cross was just dirt. 

If’ he’d had bunny ears and Easter grass for hair…well, nothing to see here. We all know that one.

Hey, make sure you have enough Cadbury eggs for everyone in the class.

Buck-Buck Buckgaw!