ICYMI - The State Board of Tourism Takes "Or Die" Out of New Hampshire's Live Free or Die Motto - Granite Grok

ICYMI – The State Board of Tourism Takes “Or Die” Out of New Hampshire’s Live Free or Die Motto

NH Live Free - Tourism board edits live free or die state motto

Earlier this morning, tucked into an update on a separate issue, we reported something that I thought needed a bit more personal attention. Somewhere along the line, the New Hampshire Department of Tourism decided the State’s Motto, Live Free or Die, needed some editing.

Their marketing change was none to subtle. Instead of Live Free or Die, they changed it to ‘Live Free.’

That sounds inviting. And I get why ‘Or Die’ doesn’t necessarily work from a marketing perspective.

But they clearly didn’t consult with the Democrat majority legislature. The Left is tripping over itself to use its current majority to strangle as many freedoms as they can in the two years they’ve got. Visitors to New Hampshire will not be granted amnesty from their progressive ministry.

Tourism didn’t consult the Governor’s office either. But we did. Skip notified them of the change about which they were reportedly unaware.

The Governor’s office said they’d reach out to tourism. At the very least we’d like to know the approval process. Who signed off on it and why?

Hopefully, Skip will have an update on this in the next few days.

And thanks again to the reader who gave Skip the heads up. And to Skip for his quick action in alerting the governor’s office.