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Bedford Outrage: OMG! – Man Wearing MAGA Hat Elected to the School Board

MAGA Hat As Free Speech

In an act of blatant discrimination, a Bedford New Hampshire resident smeared a recently elected member to the School Board. Claudia Barrett took to Facebook to express her displeasure over “a man” wearing (trigger warning!) a MAGA Hat.

A man wearing a MAGA has was just elected to the Bedford School Board…Years ago the same man fought hard against opening a High School in Bedford. Don’t blame me. My kids don’t even go to Bedford Schools and I still managed to vote. The clown candidate won. At least Trent had a working platform. Thanks for running Kamee. You are so valued in our community. Low voter turn out sucks.

Bedford MAGA Hat - Barrett

Would Barrett feel better if he donned a Che T-Shirt? Guevara is a folk-hero to people who tend to snap like twigs at the sight of a red cap with the words ‘Make America Great Again.’ Guevera was a racist, mass-murder who hated homosexuals. Despite those unpleasant facts most of the folks I know will shake their heads and chuckle at people wearing him. But no one assumes the bearer of this Socialist icon hates gays or is a racist. We assume they are ignorant.

MAGA Hat wearers are assumed not just ignorant but stupid, racist, xenophobes who hate women and deserve no quarter, which should seem odd. Some of them are black, women, legal immigrants, or gay. And Blatant knee-jerk discrimination is the sort of stereotyping Democrats claim to hate, yes? And yet, here, once again, we see an institutional bias created by the left against anyone who wears the hat recycled by disgruntled locals.

Claudia Barrett is not alone. Jenny Rohr Davis of Bedford, also responded,

Are you kidding me, it’s infuriating that this person won. The polls were completely dead when I was there. So incredibly frustrating.

Schneller wins School Board seat Bedford

I agree with Jenny. Local elections have lousy turnout. Not just in Bedford. And it is frustrating.

John Russell is another resident who serves on the Bedford Energy Commission. His wife (I am told) teaches at a local Bedford school. He likes Kamala Harris and is against anti-semitism (Like Congress or for real?), but he’s not a fan of the MAGA-hat wearing newly-elected school board member.

He chimed in on Barrett’s comments with, ‘John Schneller sucks’ followed by, “F**k the BTA.”

BTA would be the Bedford Taxpayers Association.

The BTA opposes Bedford’s spending abuses, pointless expansions, and the penchant to allow well-heeled local developers to run the town. Or, to act as if they do.

One such gross expansion was the aforementioned Bedford High School. It was voted down repeatedly by residents until one day, during a snowstorm, enough government/union town employees made it to the polls to get it passed. The promise that property taxes would only increase by three thin dimes was the understatement of the century.

The progressive-townie-school-union consortium lied. The taj mahal (it is an apt nickname) was erected as a monument to waste and more capacity than they’ll ever need.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s a beautiful building. But an unnecessary excess. Even if Bedford needed its own high School at all, a sperate discussion, the temple they created was an abuse of taxpayers and their hard-earned dollars; which means that Bedford taxpayers will always need someone who puts their concerns ahead of the political class in town.

They showed up to elect him by a wide margin on Tuesday.

The fact that he may own a MAGA hat and that this aggravates ideological bigots, in my mind, is just icing on the cake.


Bedford MAGA Hat outrage