Worried About Social Media Shadow Banning – Our One-Step Simple Solution

Facebook-Censored Social media, Shadow-banning

The Tech and Social -Media giants can’t help themselves. Hey, they’re people too. With left-leaning urges, they can’t #resist. Just a tweak to the code here. Adjust the algorithm there. Suddenly your search results or news feed have fewer stories about the things that interest you on the right. Fear not, brave patriot. There is a solution.

I can’t say whether GraniteGrok gets this treatment in Search or on platforms like Facebook. Whether you call it shadow-banning or throttling. I care, but I don’t. I think the speech needs to speak for itself and that means allowing people to react to it, even when they are trolls. But even if it happens you don’t need to rely on them to filter your news and opinion. You can bypass them in one easy step.

Hop on your mobile device, Laptop, or PC and go straight to GraniteGrok.com. Bookmark it, if you like. Problem Solved.

If you are more inclined to access our content through Facebook, go directly to our Facebook page. Like us and Facebook will send you email-updates moments after we add content (depending on your Facebook setting for email updates).

You can have your Conservative, Constitutional, liberty-loving “dose of domination straight from the belly of the ‘Grok.’ No filter. No gatekeeper. And you don’t need to wait for the daily email blast (though feel free to sign up if you have not).

Problem solved.