Sheriff: Conceal-Carry Permit Holder "eliminated a threat" by Shooting the Suspect. - Granite Grok

Sheriff: Conceal-Carry Permit Holder “eliminated a threat” by Shooting the Suspect.

Concealed Carry

Do you carry at the Dentist Office? I mean, in the office. A concealed carry permit holder in Kingsport Tennessee was (probably) thumbing through a copy of Reader’s Digest. ‘Laughter is the Best Medicine.’ The door opens and a man comes in whom we’ll call ‘The Husband’ and guns down a woman we’ll call ‘The Wife.’ Before ‘The Husband’ can do anything else, Mr. Reader’s Digest draws his weapon and shoots ‘The Husband.’

The sheriff said that a conceal-carry permit holder who was in the dentist office “eliminated a threat” by shooting the suspect.

“I want to thank him from the Sullivan County Sheriff’s Office, I want to call him a hero today,” said Sheriff Cassidy.

“The wife” worked in the dental office. “The Husband’s” motivations are not yet known. One thing we do know is that when questioned by the press one of the Sheriff’s first thoughts was to thank the concealed carry permit holder.

That’s refreshing.