Where Democrat Rule Leads: Mayor de Blasio Seizing Private Property in New York - Granite Grok

Where Democrat Rule Leads: Mayor de Blasio Seizing Private Property in New York

New York City - de Blasio wants to take private property

The Big CrApple has laws that give the city the power to rob people of their property, so this isn’t exactly new. And Democrat Socialists are not shy about thinking they know better. So, when Mayor de Blasio announces a new plan to seize private property (like a building, or maybe 40 of them) and hand them over to non-profits it’s a big yawner, right?

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Didn’t you see the prominent red ‘Socialists at Work’ sign? Jeesh.

Courtesy of the New York Daily News c/o John Sexton at Hot Air,

De Blasio created the office mid-speech, pulling out an executive order from beneath his lectern with [a] flourish.

“When a landlord tries to push out a tenant by making their home unlivable, a team of inspectors and law enforcement agents will be on the ground to stop it in time,” he said. “If the fines and the penalties don’t cut it, we will seize their buildings and we will put them in the hands of a community nonprofit that will treat tenants with the respect they deserve.”

In the interest of public health and safety, the City will decide the status of a property. If they agree amongst themselves that it does not meet their standards they can take it and give it to a friendly third party. Permanently. One assumes the third party, identified as a non-profit, is tasked with lifting that property up and making it whole again. Does anyone want to guess how that will go?

Who pays for that?

It’s not clear. Only that this process is supposed to keep people in their “homes.” In contradiction to other policies that allow the City to take homes and hand them over to third parties. Forcing people who live in a residence with no mortgage to pay rent to some stranger because the city decided to make it so. An expense they may not be able to afford.

Now I get that in the city that never sleeps a lot of people lose sleep over crappy landlords. People can suck. And New York is a magnet for them. But abandoning due process is not negotiable. Even for a guy like Bill de Blasio who hates private property as much as he hates groundhogs.

Yes, individualism interferes with the goals of socialism. Property rights prevent the “experts” from deciding what to do with every scarp of land within their sight. How it is used, managed (more, like mismanaged), developed or left open. That is their goal. Mr. de Blasio would rather be a king than the mayor.

And while they say “this” is for the people, there are no free people on earth who are denied both due processes through an independent judiciary and have property rights.


This is or the political ruling class. And in the Big ‘Red’ Apple, de Blasio is their front man.