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Proctor and Gamble Take Gillette Down the #MeToo Rabbit Hole

Gillette #MeToo Toxic Masculinity

P & G has gone#MeToo with Gillette’s latest ad campaign. The Best Men Can Be. It’s a virtue signaling sop to the beta-male messaging of the modern left. A sad departure for a product that has, for most of its history, kept apart from the political garbage.

Those days are over.

Men beat women, sexually harass them. They are bullies who dismiss their behavior with platitudes. It’s time to be better. And oh, look, thanks to the #MeToo movement we are. That was the turning point. And Men are paying attention.

Not when Hillary was hiding bimbo eruptions for Bill and anyone who questioned it was pilloried by the party behind #MeToo twenty years later.

Sure, it’s satisfying to have lived my life treating women with respect and then see some of these hypocrites taken out by their own narrative. But they are no more interested in it now than they were when making excuses for Clinton, Kennedy, or the rest. 

The reality is that there have always been men standing up for women. Teaching boys how to be men while respecting women. 

#MeToo is politics and narratives. Messaging. Lip service. The creeps quoting it at the top of Hollywood, Media, the White Tower, Music, and Politics are as disingenuous about this as every other platitude they spout.

But this ad is right about one thing now that this is out there. There will be no going back.

H/T RedState