NH Health And Human Services Employee: "Those Rotten A**Holes Need to be Punched In the Face" - Granite Grok

NH Health And Human Services Employee: “Those Rotten A**Holes Need to be Punched In the Face”

Jeffrey R. DeRego

The New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services employ one Jeffery R. DeRego. When provided the opportunity to remark on the Covington Catholic reporting from DC, he did. The NHDHHS Training and Development manager said, 

Those rotten a**holes need to be punched in the face when they start that shit, on camera, and driven away from normal society.

DeRego punch them in the face

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Is he training and developing that attitude at DHHS (a job he only just started last September) or is this just a Democrat thing? DeRego is a registered Democrat from Londonderry. In 2010, he ran for the State House (Rockingham 5) and lost.

Jeffrey may also be a fan of Mark Bray, a Dartmouth Professor who wrote a book glorifying premeditated violence and intimidation by groups like Antifa. Brey’s premise is that some speech needs to be silenced. Jeffrey believes these High School kids from Covington need to be silenced because that’s what you do to Nazis.

DeRego Nazis

It’s always good to see the Left’s violent rhetoric has seeped down to one-time candidates whose commitment to truth justifies threats of violence based on biased reporting that was completely debunked within hours of it breaking.

And the Democrats have the nerve to call us unhinged.

Be polite but concerned when you call.

And no, you have not seen this story anywhere is in the New Hampshire media (yet).


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