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New Hampshire Democrat Jeff Woodburn’s “Weiner” Moment

Is Woodburn Trying to Be Weiner

Jeff Woodburn has a lot of free time on his hands. In an election year when NH Democrats swept into power, the North Country cut him loose. He has been reduced to getting attention on Social Media while he awaits trial on charges of assault and abuse.

Woodburn's Wiener MomentAttention that includes shirtless images ala Anthony Weiner.

It’s an interesting choice for a man in his fifties to share pictures of himself half dressed. Someone who has held political office. With a potentially higher than typical level of exposure.

On Facebook.

If it makes you feel better his lawyer, Donna Brown, is reported to be spending some time liking his updates. Including the Weiner pose. And that’s not creepy.

Mr. Woodburn has also spent some time “researching” how shirtless former politicians (with admitted anger issues) accused of violence against women unfairly have their lives ruined.

I’m kidding.

Woodburn shared post on petty crime

He’s posting links to cases of petty crime not serial abuse of women. But I’ll play along on the premise.

Ruining People’s Lives?

A busy-body Democrat (former) State Senator posts an article titled ‘When the police become prosecutors.’ A guy whose party has actively “prosecuted” political opponents in the court of public opinion. Destroyed reputations and lives to advance their straw-men and false narratives for political gain.

A Party that promotes University Campus Star Chambers that punish or expel young men accused of rape with no due process rights. That makes no effort to undo the lies that perpetuate this injustice.

A Party that ignored the sexual misconduct and abuse of leading members of their party, major donors, and icons in media and entertainment for years. And to a degree, still does.

Democrats advocate intimidation by mobs to silence speech they oppose. Use lawfare to suppress conscientious objectors. And say nothing about the abuse or leaking of sensitive documents (or the fabrication of them) to advance their agenda.

A man defended by North Country Democrats who labeled him the victim.  Individuals who did what the Party has long done. Tried to shame and intimidate women abused by Democrat men into silence.

That impugns an entire political party or anyone who dares support it as Racists, misogynists and even Nazis with no evidence.

Where was the compassionate Jeff Woodburn then? Where is the catalog of public outrage at this injustice? You won’t find any. Jeff Woodburn is another go along get along Democrat who could not be bothered to stand up for innocent people forced to bear the yoke of his own parties media war.

The party is poisoned by it.

But I will give credit where it is due. A majority of North Country Democrats voted for their party but not Jeff Woodburn. That’s why he’s sitting at home sharing shirtless selfies. Awaiting trial for assault. 

Woodburns Weiner Workout Update