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Looking for Snow in New England?

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My yard is frozen. The thaw-freeze cycle has significant tracts covered with ice. I still have snow, but not a lot. Got snow? Caribou Maine has record amounts of it.

Caribou, in far Northern Maine, is in the midst of its snowiest January on record. So far, just over 50 inches of snow has fallen this month, with more on the way this weekend.

The prior record was 44.5 inches in January 1994.

The seasonal total to date of 101.9 inches also sets a new record.

I guess, when the Democrats said our kids would never know what snow was, they didn’t mean record snowfall in Maine. Or, most parts of New Hampshire, actually. But that’s okay. Snow has long since been a sign of Global Warming. As has ice. The lack of snow and ice. Rain, drought, locust, fair breezy summer days, warm nights, cool ones, and everything in between.

And that will reassure the folks up Caribou Maine with their 101.9 inches of snow and more on the way. 

At some point “soon” the weather will change. As if that’s never been the case in New England.