Kentucky Prosecutor: Felony Threatening of Covington Students Will Be Prosecuted - Granite Grok

Kentucky Prosecutor: Felony Threatening of Covington Students Will Be Prosecuted

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No one knows more about Hate Speech™ than the Party that wants to use it to silence others. The left tosses epithets, threats and wishes death on Americans at the drop of breaking news on CNN or MSNBC. Just ask the MAGA hat wearing kids from Covington Catholic School. Convicted and sentenced by the “tolerant” and “informed” Progressive Mob within moments of the story appearing on Fake-Wing News.

With Impunity? Perhaps not.

These are not public figures. They were children minding their own business — kids who learned a valuable lesson about Liberal politics. You will be made to care. And your life might be threatened, which is illegal according to Kenton County, Kentucky prosecutor Ron Sanders.

He is investigating the threats of violence including felony assault and terroristic threatening against the Covington High School Children. 

When it comes to the offenses that rise to the felony level we can extradite. Now it’s not as easy as arresting a Twitter handle we can’t just reach out and arrest someone, half the time they’re using a fake name, fake profile picture, that sort of thing. We have to go through the process of issuing subpoenas, search warrants… It’s already underway. I’ve had detectives in and out of my office all day today.

Whether it works or not as an enforcement tool is questionable but how about as a cultural tool?

If enough people learn of it, and someone, anyone, gets indicted, does this send a message to the haters? Slow your outrage parade. You can’t incite violence against Americans just because you hate their President.

I’m not sure it will. But someone will also need to investigate this. Bomb scare at the Catholic Diocese that manages Covington School.