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“Gallup” Towards Interesting Polls – For Once

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Gallup has a new fake, pro-Progressive poll out and it is a predictable doozie. A HUGE increase in Americans who want to leave America for good! No, I am not talking about the spoiled Hollywood 1%ers. This a “legit” poll “fairly” balanced and all that scientific stuff, that was created under the same professional pollster-fantasy that promoted the “Hillary was undefeatable” mantra.

  • Young women want out.
  • Men want out.
  • Poor people want out.

Here is the reason:

“But more than anything else, Trump himself may be the primary motivator. Regression analysis shows that regardless of differences by gender, age or income — if Americans disapprove of the job Trump is doing as president, they are more likely to want to leave the U.S. Overall, 22% of Americans who disapproved of Trump’s job performance during his first two years said they would like to move, compared with 7% who approved.”

Gallup will not be exposed as a donor to the Democrat and Socialist Parties fundraising efforts, but that is what they are, and always have been. Watch for leftists to quote this silly endeavor.

 A Question Worth Asking

The question I would ask Gallup to ask the “general public,” and by that, I mean the 24 million illegal aliens we have in this country, whose children we educate, who collect welfare, who live in free housing, and who by the millions, vote here – if THEY want to leave this country forever.

Go ahead Gallup – ask them. They can be found with little effort – by the right people.

  • Get the DMV records of non-citizen drivers and call them.
  • Pick the names out of welfare rolls.
  • Get the names from non-US citizen students in public schools.

That data is out there. It gets used every election cycle to heard voters to the polls.

America would love to see that survey rather than the rigged one.