Murderer of Young "Women" Says He's Transgender - Asks for Transfer to Women's Prison - Granite Grok

Murderer of Young “Women” Says He’s Transgender – Asks for Transfer to Women’s Prison

I’m not sure why, in the modern age, the Left hasn’t been more persistent about doing away with gendered prisons? Wait. Now I remember. Most felons don’t vote (yet). Or perhaps it hadn’t occurred to them? Well, it occurred to Ian Huntley. He’s serving 40-years for the murder of two 10-year old girls in 2002.  And he’d like a transfer to a women’s’ prison. 

Huntley claims he is a woman. And (s)he’s not having a very good time in her current arrangements. Inmates don’t take kindly to school caretakers luring and viciously murdering 10-year old girls. Huntly killed,

Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman, put them in a ditch, removed their clothes, and set them on fire. Additionally, he raped Katie Bryan, a 15-year-old.

Ian, sorry, Nicola, appears to think (s)he’ll have an easier go locked up with the ladies. I’m not sure that’s true. But it’s an interesting question for UK prison minders. Even if he is serious and files the paperwork, agrees to the extensive counseling and psychological grilling. Do you put a rapist and killer of girls in a woman’s prions? With or without his ‘transmission’ intact?

Wouldn’t they be more likely to kill him? Sisterhood of the not-so-much traveling orange prison pants, and all?

Ian’s wasn’t all there. Nicola appears less so.

H/T Red State –  Metro.Co.UK