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Keene City Council Bans Sale of Nicotine Products

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Last Thursday Keene City Councilors met and decided they know better. No one is surprised. Outraged, yes. But not surprised. Effective immediately it is illegal to sell any product with nicotine to anyone under the age of 21. That includes vaping products.

We reported on the ban back in late November.

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The ordinance requested on October 4th is written. They will approve it, (probably) right after another hearing at which the City Council will ignore the public outcry from local businesses and citizens.

This is Keene. Elected officials know better. They only suffer through the public comment because it is required.

The original ordinance banned possession of nicotine products as well, but none of the reporting so far mentions that. The only copy of the ordinance I can find is the one I linked to previously with that prohibition intact. As a result, until further notice, possession of nicotine inside the city limits is also banned for anyone under the age of twenty-one. (If you know the answer, please let me know.)

I expect a lot of 21-year-olds to be outside smoking. The police will have to ask them for identification. And at some point, it will become very tiresome to waste resources asking everyone who looks like they might be “underage.” 

A sort of Cloward-pivening of the ordinance.

Not to worry. The Keene City Council will find an answer. More taxes to pay a staff of nicotine meter-maids to stop and interview anyone say, 40 or younger, with a cigarette or vaping product. Home raids might be next. Can’t have adults letting “kids” smoke at home. 

Sounds crazy, but this is Keene.

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