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How to Increase Raids by ICE. Tell Cops In Your State To Not Work With ICE

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The Attorney General of New Jersey issued a directive instructing police officers in the state to not cooperate with ICE on Immigration Enforcement. The thinking here is that this announcement will help build trust between illegals and police.

Immigration Enforcement has responded. Their efforts will likely increase in New Jersey as a result of the policy.

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“The probability is that at-large arrests and worksite enforcement operations, which already exist, will likely increase due to the fact that ICE ERO will no longer have the cooperation of the jails related to immigration enforcement,” ICE spokesman Emilio Dabul said in an email.

He added that since the agency’s “highest priority is public safety and enforcing immigration laws, we must pursue that to the best extent possible, which will likely involve more at large arrests and worksite enforcement operations.”

The AG shot back that “We don’t respond to threats. We’re focused on protecting New Jersey’s residents from harm.” Sure. You go with that until some illegal you should have detained kills someone. 

Drugs, Gangs, Killers, Rapists

Anyone interested in protecting New Jersey residents doesn’t shut out Immigration enforcement. Local law enforcement can be the best in the world. But they don’t know a fraction of what ICE knows about international drug and human traffickers.

DACA and the Left’s open-border policies are abused by criminal cartels. They use women and children to move drugs and gang members into the United States. 

Federal law enforcement is intimately familiar with the gangs, the networks, the cartels, and the narco-terrorists moving people and product across the border and throughout the nation. Refusing to work with them will inevitably result in bad people walking when they should be detained, and prosecuted or deported.

The odds tell us that this will inevitably result in innocent people dying at the hands of violent thugs.

Who is going to “protect” New Jersey residents from their AG?

And then there’s that whole bit about ignoring the laws on a whim. 

If I lived in New Jersey, the first thing I’d be asking my Attorney General is what other laws are you thinking about ignoring? And if the state’s top ranking cop can pick and choose which laws to ignore can regular citizens do the same? 

It’s legal-illegal lotto. Spin the wheel, and if your numbers come up, you go to jail. If not, you walk. And that’s the legal citizens.

So, who is going to “protect” New Jersey residents from state law enforcement and their Attorney General? ICE already has their hands full.

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