Did You See President Trump's Mid-Term Campaign Ad? We've Got It! - Granite Grok

Did You See President Trump’s Mid-Term Campaign Ad? We’ve Got It!

Trump ad screen grab

If you didn’t catch President Trump’s Mid-Term GOP GOTV Campaign ad on Sunday Night Football, and I suspect a good number of our readers did not because they don’t watch that crap anymore, we’ve got it here.

CNN Refused to run it.

The left flipped out as you’d expect.

So, we’re here to do our part to help them flip-out a bit more because we know Trump’s base is as all-in on this issue as he is and if they turn out tomorrow, Democrats are going to be looking for colluders to explain why they lost another election because it can’t possibly have anything to do with their priorities.

Here’s the Ad

H/T Liberty Bugle