Experts, The Media, And Junk Science: 150 Years of Climate VooDoo Exposed


The print media may be dying but it has done us an excellent service. We have the words of experts, editorialists, and exaggeraters going back more than a century on the topic of climate, how it changes, and the ravings of lunatics, credentialed or otherwise about how those changes will be the end of us. Over, and over again.

Tony Heller’s latest video takes the words of this cabal and shows how the one constant over the centuries is human nature and a tendency toward alarmism that amounts to nothing. A nothing that requires them to use the government to take your money to pay for ‘solutions’ to offset the effects of their failed predictions.

Billion and trillions taken from the pockets of productive people to be stuffed into the expert’s pockets or burned on the altar of their false idols before the frightening prognostications turn out to be nothing but nonsense.

The video is 14 minutes long but worth every moment of your time as Tony lays out the fraud, perpetrated over and over and over again in their own words.

Check it out.

Image Credit: WUWT