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Mitch McConnell: Kavanaugh Will be Confirmed in September

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, in an interview last week with Hugh Hewitt, was confident that Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh would be confirmed.

“He’ll be on board at the Supreme Court by the first Monday in October, which you and I both know is the beginning of the October term.”

The Political Insider quotes McConnell from the interview.

“I think any doubts anybody might have had have been dispelled by his virtuoso performance before the Judiciary Committee. I mean, it’s stunning. He’s just a stellar nomination in every respect.”

The Democrat circus never had any realistic chance of derailing the confirmation process, but it wasn’t pointless. The Left is all about theater. Their base needs it.

To borrow from Emerson Lake and Palmers KARN EVIL 9 (1st Impression Part 2)

Welcome back, my friends
To the show that never ends
We’re so glad you could attend
Come inside! Come inside

The downside for Democrats is that while it might rile up the loonies in their nuthouse like a full moon on Monday the same stage sends a different message to the political right.

Even the people Democrats elect are out of their freaking minds.

Ken Blackwell observes that,

Over the four days of hearings – two of which Judge Kavanaugh went well into the night answering Senators’ questions – there were well over a hundred interruptions by protesters. And when Democratic Senators did ask questions, they did their image no good whatsoever.

Sen. Booker made a great display of flouting Senate rules by promising to release confidential documents (emails from Kavanaugh’s time during the Bush Administration). Emails he could not produce for the nominee during the hearing. Documents the Democrats on the committee knew had been cleared for the public hours earlier.

There behind a glass
Sits a Democrat Dumbass
Be careful as you pass
Move along! Move along

Booker was ridiculous before we knew the truth. We can add lying to his absurd performance. But he was not alone in his subterfuge.

The manifold of the Left’s brightest Judiciary Committee stars made fools of themselves before the public eye when their angry mob was not interrupting the proceedings. Sen. Kamala Harris asked about a conversation, she had on good authority, happened between Judge Kavanaugh and the Mueller team. She wanted to set a splinter in the mind’s eye of the radical left that he was corrupted should that circus find it’s way to the nations Highest Court.

Right before your eyes
She’ll pull Buls**t from the skies
And she laughs until she cries
Will it die, will it die

Harris lied. The conversation never happened but don’t be surprised if it comes up down the road as irrefutable fact.

Dianne “Assault Weapons” Feinstein worked the Judge over on twelve years worth of (presumably bad) decisions related to firearms. Kavanaugh cited court precedent and stuck to legal terms of which ‘assault weapons’ is not one.

Soon the Gypsy Queen
In a glaze of Vaseline
Will perform on guillotine
What a scene! What a scene

(No changes neede to that one.)

The entire display was orchestrated for the sole purpose of derailing the constitutional process of advice and consent. It was not serious. It was not thoughtful. It had no intention of providing either the August examination of the nominee or an honest appraisal of his skill set for the job. It was a set up meant to make a mockery of law and order.

We would like it to be known
The exhibits that were shown
Were exclusively our own
All our own. All our own

Lindsey Graham summed it up nicely.

“I’m here to defend circuses,” Graham said, pointing out that it was safe for parents to take their kids to the circus but not to let them watch Senate confirmation hearings – as Judge Kavanaugh found out Tuesday when his daughters had to be taken out of the raucous chamber.

Democrats should be embarassed but they are not and that, ladies and gentlement, is the lesson for the week.

Come and see the show!
Come and see the show!
Come and see the show!
See the show!