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Dem Party Chair Asks NH Sen. Jeff Woodburn To Resign Over Charges of Assault

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The Democrat party has been talking up a good game about their chances this fall, but I’m beginning to suspect they’re not that great. New Hampshire State Party Chair Ray Buckley has wasted no time in the wake of accusations of sexual assault in asking Sen. Jeff Woodburn to quit. Now.

CONCORD – The state Democratic Party called on their highest ranking member at the State House to resign immediately in the wake of criminal charges related to “sexual assault and sexual harassment,” according to the Chairman Ray Buckley. 

I know, that #MeToo this is getting to be a kind of self-fulfilling prophecy to which I’d add #WeKnew.

Ever since Bill Clinton, there’s been a lot of unanswered karma building up in the universe on this issue. Yes, there were plenty of creeps before Billy Boy and we can’t forget Ted “I killed a girl and got away with it” Kennedy, but WJC was the poster child for how politics and power were more important than anything the Democrats (and their media allies) had ever said about women or their rights.

Back to August 2018 and we’ve got Jeffy Woodburn busted for sexually mistreating women. In the not so old days, the Dem chieftains would try to keep it quiet. Use a little misdirection. Rally behind the offender (Kind of like they keep doing with Bill Clinton) and wait for people to get bored with it. Not this time or in this place.

“The New Hampshire Democratic Party stands firm in our belief that any form of sexual harassment, sexual assault, or domestic violence is completely unacceptable behavior for anyone let alone our public officials who should all be held to a higher standard,” Buckley said in a statement.

“We take these accusations against Senator Jeff Woodburn very seriously and stand with his accuser and support her during this unimaginably painful time. We are asking Senator Woodburn to resign from office immediately.”

Woodburn must be disposable. Either that or things are fragile, and they need a sacrifice, so the whole social-justice secular humanist temple of progressivism doesn’t come crashing down. Over what? It must be bad.

The Union Leader article does not offer any details about how or why Democrat State Senator Jeff Woodburn is being investigated only that there are criminal charges related to “sexual assault and sexual harassment.”

Criminal charges.

And late Thursday afternoon (that’s today), Woodburn removed all his accounts on social media. He’s gone into hiding.

Buckley is publicly calling for him to quit.

I’m half-wondering how long this investigation has been going on and should it have started a lot sooner. Who knew what before it became a liability?

We await details and will share them when they become available.