Women's March Sends Out Press Release Against SCOTUS Nominee "XX" - Granite Grok

Women’s March Sends Out Press Release Against SCOTUS Nominee “XX”

Gorsuch SCOTUS protest fill in the blankDo you remember the nomination of Justice Gorsuch? Protesters had blank signs on which they wrote the name of the nominee, so they could hate on them. Whoever it was, they’d get sharpied on to signs that were then waved in ‘protest.’

Fast-Forward to yesterday and the latest Supreme Court nomination announcement. Before the words were out of his mouth, the Women’s March sent out a press release to everyone in the media protesting the awful, horrible, Trump Nominee, but they forgot to replace the XX in their draft with an actual name.



Is opposing double x some new form of body shaming? #StopXX

It get’s better. From the same Washington Times article, Democracy For America refers to Kavanagh as “she.”

None of this is surprising but is amusing. We all knew the left had used the time allotted them to prepare anti ‘XX’ nominee smears for everyone who might possibly get their name called so that they could pull the (warning) trigger the moment the nominee was announced.

It’s so good of them to live up to our low expectations.