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Trans Woman ADMITS They are REDEFINING ‘Woman’ with Gender Identity Legislation


I’ve been saying it for months and proving it out with factual evidence but apparently that hasn’t been good enough for some Republican men OR New Hampshire’s male Republican Governor. The goal of House Bill 1319 (HB 1319) aka ‘Gender Identity’ legislation, is to change the definition of woman in public policy and under the law.

Over and over and over again, I have been explaining this with factual evidence that this is the end game but it seems some men don’t grasp this very dark reality or the ramifications of doing so. In a discussion on my most recently article about places where the word ‘Mother’ is being removed or banned, a trans woman actually admitted that that is what they are doing:


How is it that trans women, who are biological men who believe they are women and who want society to be accepting of them, refuse to accept biological women who identify with their actual biological sex??

They don’t want society to accept them for who they actually are, they want society to accept them as what they WANT TO BE. In doing so, they are insisting on redefining womanhood and indeed motherhood. They want to redefine the ‘gender identity’ of over 157 MILLION women in the United States and over 660,000 women in New Hampshire alone.

If gender is truly a ‘social construct’ as those pushing this type of legislation like to claim, then why are they trying to RE-construct the gender identity of women which has been around oh, since the beginning of time? And make no mistake, they are redefining the gender identity of men as well. Over 97% of society ‘identifies’ with the gender of their biological sex. Why in the hell would anyone want to RE-DEFINE those genders?

You cannot be a trans woman and a woman, it’s not biologically possible. The two terms are contradictory by all scientific standards. It seems trans women want to use the LGBT community to identify as trans women but are doing so only as a jumping board to get ignorant legislators to allow them to redefine womanhood in public policy so that the definition of woman now includes anyone who believes they are a woman regardless of their actual biological sex. (YES, it’s insanity and it is Republican Governor Chris Sununu who is going to make it happen!).

NONE of the ramifications of this seems to penetrate the thick skulls of some Republican men (and ALL Democrat men) who are legislators in New Hampshire. None of these men seem to understand, despite being provided with factual evidence, that redefining womanhood is absolutely detrimental to women and girls across the state.


How can you take anyone seriously in the LGBT movement who pushes to demand an entire gender is redefined because of ‘feelings?’ These are people who want everyone else to accept them for their chosen identities or sexual preferences yet they refuse to do the same for the chosen identities of others. Instead, they want to take over genders and completely DE-construct them to push some cultural Marxist agenda.

It’s disturbing to say the least but apparently, the thousands of women’s voices screaming for Governor Sununu to veto HB 1319 don’t matter. Women’s rights don’t matter. Women don’t matter, not to trans women, not to those in the LGBT movement who are pushing this and not to the ‘cisgender’ men who are pushing this legislation in New Hampshire.

All of the above are basically telling actual, biological women, who ‘identify’ with their biological sex, to SHUT UP AND SIT DOWN.