Pine Tree Ramblings - Special "Pine Tree Riot" Edition 2018 - Granite Grok

Pine Tree Ramblings – Special “Pine Tree Riot” Edition 2018

Pine Tree246 years ago today, Hillsborough County royal Sheriff Benjamin Whiting and Deputy John Quigley rode up to South Weare, NH from Hollis, to issue a warrant for the arrest of Ebenezer Mudgett and others, for the crime of cutting trees greater than 12 inches diameter on their own property. They stayed the night at a local tavern/inn.

Tomorrow, April 14th, is the anniversary of the morning where Mudgett and co-conspirators entered Quimby’s Tavern and roughed-up the sheriff and his deputy, sending a message that the citizens would not stand having their valued property taken by the government. This event is said to have inspired the Boston Tea Party, a year-and-a-half later.5-New-England-Flag

A millstone monument sits the original tavern site, where an Avon store sits today. Feel free to stop by there sometime and pay your respects, standing on a spot where true patriots put their livelihoods and lives on the line for the right to live free.

The monument sits at: 733 S Stark Hwy, Weare, NH 03281 (Google maps: 43.052214, -71.705417)

Read more about this historic event here and here.

PTR BookAlso, Weare resident, Connie Evans, wrote this fine book about Mudgett and the conditions leading up to the event.