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Marsy’s Law – A View to a Kill

henry-nicholas-777x437Very wealthy people from California are working hard and spending big money ($27 million+) to pass an amendment to our NH Constitution. This is known as Marsy’s Law. They are working to amend the Constitutions of at least 13 states – and very emotional arguments are being raised in support of it, centered around victims’ rights.

The unintended consequences, some perceived, some very real (experienced by other States who have already passed some form of it) are to say the least, huge. These consequences involve the rights of the accused as well as a potentially massive increase in State legal and bureaucratic expenses.

In the video below, State Representative Paul Berch (D-Cheshire 01) lays out the many inconsistencies and concerns with this proposed amendment. Rep. Berch is not the only Democrat against this bill.

Marsy’s law, like many laws floated by extreme Liberals, is full of good intentions but is clouded by emotion (and often hidden agenda), providing the risk of bigger, more intrusive and expensive government.  In this particular case, New Hampshire already has laws in place to protect victims and this bill creates unnecessary, convoluted layers on top of them.

What escapes me is why some Republicans, including our Governor, Chris Sununu, have taken a shine to this, particularly given the rationale provided recently by so many. As such, I can only ask: what’s in it for him?

And if Steve Marchand supports it, you know it’s really bad…

Call your State Representatives and urge them to reject CACR-22 on Thursday, April 26th.  A Constitutional Amendment is forever.

Web: Find your legislators.