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NH House Votes to End Sex-Based Legal Protections for Women

Today, the New Hampshire House of Representatives voted to pass House Bill 1319 (HB 1319), AN ACT prohibiting discrimination based on gender identity. The legislation was pushed based on the absolute lie that trans people don’t have the same protections against discrimination as everyone else in the state.

The out-of-state organization who pushed this legislation, and spent a lot of money doing so, lost their bid to push the law last session but some Republicans decided to resurrect the bill for some perceived political gain. Again, the bill is based on the lie that everyone doesn’t have the same protections against discrimination in New Hampshire.

What this law will really do is regress Women’s Rights back decades. For years, women fought for sex-based legal protections. There are a number of spaces and organizations that have benefitted women with these legal protections like bathrooms, locker rooms, domestic abuse shelters, rape centers and of course women-only organizations.

Now that the ‘Trans Bill’ has passed, any trans woman will be able to sue these types of places for admittance, if they are denied access. It doesn’t matter that they are not women, it’s intended to re-define womanhood, where those who are biologically intact men are now defined under the term “woman” and who will receive the same sex-based legal protections.

Of course, women have been using these spaces with trans women for years and have not complained but this legislation creates a monster that will force women to sit down and shut up if they dare want to protect the rights they’ve worked so hard to gain over the years.

This will also affect women’s and girls’ sports and has already been doing so in other places where gender identity laws have been put into place. Recently, a teen trans boy won the girls’ wrestling championship for a second year in a row. Why? Because even though she is biologically a girl, she’s taking testosterone. If any other girl on the team were taking testosterone, they would be instantly banned and disqualified from the meets but because she believes she wants to be a boy, it’s perfectly fine to allow her to be on these drugs and compete.

For the record, she wanted to compete on the boys’ team but the rules at her school stated she had to compete on the team of her biological sex. Either way, she “feels” differently and is taking enhancing drugs to go with those feelings which gives her an advantage.

This is exactly the type of thing that will happen and will continue to get worse wherever these laws are put into place. And there is history to prove that women take a back seat to men who “feel” like they are women in other places that have put these laws into place.

Women have been forced to leave homeless shelters because they refused to share the same bedroom with a biologically intact male who is a trans woman. A trans woman wanted to work at a rape center even though she lived the majority of her life as a biological man and sued the rape center who had denied her. In that case, the rape center prevailed after spending thousands of dollars fighting to protect women. In prison systems, intact males have sued to be put into women’s prisons where some have gone on to victimize the women.

Laws should never be passed based on feelings. During the vote today, several proponents of the legislation lied about the potential ramifications. They either intentionally lied or they refuse to acknowledge the evidence because their feelings are more important than legally sex-based protections for women and girls.

The legislation will now make its way to the senate, based on the same “feelings and falsehoods” and with complete disregard for the sex-based legal protections women have used for decades.