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Let’s Celebrate Teen Transitioning Suicide

mental-healthThe Miami Herald makes this teen suicide sound like a walk in the park.

The story of a disturbed teenager never comes to the surface, only what a wonderful well-adjusted life he had as a girl in a boy’s body. Every whim, wish and want this kid ever had was granted or purchased for him.

He committed suicide and his mother celebrates his life with a half-page ad/obit in the MH. Nice way to divert responsibility – “mommy.”

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Are the kids in his exclusive school staging a walkout against transitioning/suicide?

Just maybe, did mommy think that some kids mimic others who get extra attention by shooting up a school, they often don’t even go to, and that some kids might mimic a kid who got extra, extra attention by “transitioning into suicide” as a means of sending a message?

So, mommy takes out a half page ad/obit, gives the papers an interview – but takes no responsibility? This just sort of just happened?

“Mother and son met with “a marvelous team at the University of Miami” that specializes in transgender transitioning. Eric went for sessions with a psychologist. They met with an endocrinologist and surgeon. Eric began hormone replacement about 10 months ago. This summer they planned on laser hair removal. Eric joined support groups but didn’t have a lot of time for them because she was very much into pursuing the arts.”

Mommy indulged her son at every turn and still, that attention wasn’t enough.

“But as idyllic as it sounded — the acceptance at home, the welcoming colleges, the new home and the name Hope — something was not right with Eric.

“The last night of his life I laid in bed with him. We would always talk, and that last night he said again, ‘I feel trapped. This is not happening enough for me.’”

Mommy never questions herself for decisions she made that may have caused her son to kill himself. She has a self-indulgent, blameless message for parents.

“And that message is: “Do not slam the door on your son or your daughter if they come and express a sexual identity issue. Do not slam that door. Thank God I didn’t. He did it anyway. But what if I had slammed that door? I would not be able to live with myself. Now I have that house that is 85 percent complete. With a pink bedroom. He was on the way.”

This is one of the sickest situations I have seen about teen suicides, a tag team media/mommy effort to encourage this type of “parenting.”

Thank goodness this “mommy” doesn’t have other children.