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Democrat Appointed IG Issued the Report that Finally Got McCabe Fired

Andrew McCabe
Andrew McCabe – Image Credit Business Insider

FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe is getting all sorts of love from the left after Jeff Sessions fired him Saturday, a day before he could earn a full pension. And he’s got things to say to the media, which is great because McCabe is so dirty the more he talks the longer the rope with which he’ll hang himself.

But before we get back to any of that we need to get to this.

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Andrew McCabe was fired from the FBI because of evidence uncovered by an Obama appointed IG during an investigation prompted by Democrats in Congress.

That’s what former Secret Service Agent Dan Bongino is saying in this special edition podcast.

Dan, who still has sources inside FBI and the national security infrastructure, has a lot of the meaty details on McCabe and the FBI – Obama – Clinton – DNC – Steele – Russia Collusion stories in earlier programs (we’ve also got this) if you are interested. But the long story short is that McCabe is gone for a multitude of reasons, all motivated by an Inspector’s General report issued by an Obama appointee, not the least of which is evidence that he’s a security risk and leaked details of an ongoing investigation (into the Clinton Email server) to the press in his oversight role as Deputy Director of the FBI.

People (private sector or public) are supposed to lose their jobs when they illegally leak confidential information. And depending on who you are or who you know (or don’t know) jail time is a suitable punishment as well.

McCabe will probably get a book deal, the talk-circuit, the whole progressive media parade, so concerns over his ‘retirement package’ being pulled out from under him are probably premature.

A prison “retirement” is more appropraite.