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Dem’s Using Russia Narrative To Silence Speech They Oppose

orwell-free-speech (1)David Harsanyi writing in The Federalist wades into the latest on the #Releasethememo kerfuffle. The “memo” is rumored to outline FBI abuses some would have made public. Democrats (why is it always Democrats?) are scrambling to block the memo or discredit its contents, among them Dianne Feinstein and Rep. Adam Schiff; who are suggesting that the Russians are the ones pushing for the release of the memo, which Mike Rogers covered in some detail here.

Harsanyi confirms that,

As it turns out, reports today say that Twitter’s internal analysis found that it was mostly Americans, not creepy Slavic mind-control robots, who were behind the hashtags. Which is important but not the point he’s looking to make.

Democrats have manufactured panic over amateurish Russian propaganda to not only claim that Vlad Putin was “meddling” in the election, but also to argue that interference had the power to turn the election to Trump. With this risible idea in hand, they have created paranoia about social media interactions and rationalized infringements on expression.

The ruling class Democrats like to threaten social media monsters when the noise machine makes sounds they can’t stand to hear. That’s nothing new. There is no end to their machinations, which Harsanyi notes include Fairness Doctrines or the IRS to which I’d add campaign finance reform and their defense of the indefensible entire social justice campus-speech propaganda machine.

All points that lead to a point he makes earlier in the article.

It’s difficult, it seems, for some people to embrace neutral principles nowadays. But if you genuinely believe that Donald Trump’s distasteful tweets are attacks on the foundations of free expression, how can you not be alarmed by a pair of powerful elected officials demanding social media companies hand over information about their users? What would they say if the president had sent a letter to Google insisting they give the executive branch an “in-depth forensic examination” of his political opponent’s searches?

Democrats are always talking about ‘change,’ but more than two decades ago First Lady Hillary Clinton was using FBI files to target political opponents out of the West Wing of the White House. Jump to today and the FBI has been attacking Hillary Clinton’s most recent political opponent since 2016 beginning under Obama.

Democrats leak donor lists to militant third party activists. Obama and Lois Lerner weaponized the IRS against the Tea Party. DHS raided businesses under specious circumstances to send a message to anyone who dared use their first amendment rights in some fashion disapproving to the Obamacrats in power.

And all the while and in between, we had so-called Democrat truth-squads and requests by top-ranking Democrats to spy on your family members and neighbors and report what they said them to the Party or the Government.

When are people going to realize, especially Democrats, that there is no incarnation of a ruling Democrat party that will not abuse power to silence ideas, words, donations, or action it opposes. Even Democrats are not safe from Democrats.

Progressive power cannot operate in an arena of open ideas. Not even it’s own. Ignore that fact at your own peril.