Dems: The Russian Bots Are Promoting #ReleaseTheMemo - Granite Grok

Dems: The Russian Bots Are Promoting #ReleaseTheMemo

Fresh off the argument that the American People can’t handle the truth about corruption at the DOJ/FBI, Dems on the Intel committees are claiming that the demand to #ReleaseTheMemo detailing these abuses is ginned up by Russian TwitterBots!

Top Hashtags A couple of weeks ago DiFi released leaked the sensitive transcript of Glenn Simpson’s (Fusion GPS) testimony to the Senate Intel Committee because it suited her narrative. Now that there’s the red hot FBI/FISA corruption memo produced by the House Intel Committee, the view of leading Dems like Dianne Feinstein and Adam Schiff is that We The People can’t handle the truth, and furthermore that #ReleaseTheMemo (top bar) is being pushed by Russian TwitterBot accounts.

Small problem with that – even the DAILY BEAST is reporting that Twitter analytics are showing the vast majority of retweets of the hashtag are from verified American user accounts. Undeterred, Trump Supporters are continuing to push the hashtag, even as their accounts are getting locked for doing so, and other supporters are jamming the phone lines of Feinstein’s and Schiff’s office to claim “I am not a Bot!” Indeed, now we have reports that Schiff’s office is hanging up on citizens making that statement…