Are Democrats State 'Sponsors' of Terrorism? - Granite Grok

Are Democrats State ‘Sponsors’ of Terrorism?

Democrat Sponsored JihadistsA report released by the Department of Homeland Security notes that 73% of persons convicted of terrorism or on terrorism-related charges were foreign-born and entered the country “legally.”

This DHS/DOJ report, issued this month, is disturbing enough and reveals that a significant number of terrorists entered the country through immigration programs that use family ties and extended-family chain migration as a basis for entry.

…Other convicted terrorists came to the U.S. through the controversial visa lottery program, the multi-agency probe found.

Democrats have been applauding activist judges who repeatedly block efforts by the administration to freeze traffic or refugee inflows from terror-sponsoring countries.

They overwhelmingly advocate open borders, broadening visa programs, and securing chain migration and rights for immigrants legal and illegal.

To them, immigration ‘reform’ is letting more people in and naturalizing them more quickly, but three out of four terrorists are beneficiaries of their ideological largesse.

Will this report change any of their minds?

Not a one.

In fact, they’ll probably call it contrived and double down on the open-borders agenda. And I’ll give them kudos for that.

Of course, Mr. Trump is a rare breed of “Republican” who is willing to do the same. Double-down on his priorities. It’s one of the reasons Democrats hate him so much. He’s not easily manipulated by the pressure politics of the left and the media.

But his approach to issues with refugees, immigration, and illegal immigration is why he got elected.

We could also make the point that ‘Trump Tower” is not just the building, but a metaphor for all the rent-free space Mr. Trump is taking up inside the left’s collectivist heads. They are possessed with their own outrage.

How could he be president?

Because Democrats are proud to support policies that let terrorists into the country and could care less what regular Americans think about that.

So, does the left’s open border obsession, give the details of this report,  equate to an institutional sponsorship of terrorism in the US or is it just an inconvenient side-effect?

Is it a convenient side-effect?

A taxpayer-backed Democrat party vote-buying scheme with the added benefit of some additional instability to “help” break everything so they can usher us down the aisle and wed us to the promised progressive utopia?