David French: What if America Won a War and No One Cared?

Air strikesIn case you missed it, Donald Trump has fulfilled another campaign promise.

“…Iraq’s prime minister declared victory in the war against ISIS. Iraq — with indispensable American help — has regained control of its cities and its border with Syria. ISIS has been reduced to a shadow of its former self. The victory isn’t confined to Iraq. American-allied forces control ISIS’s former capital in Syria, and the world’s largest jihadist army is gone. 

David French reminds us that there are still bands or cells of fighters roaming about, but they have no capital, lack safe harbor, or natural resources to finance their operations.

This is one of the best stories of the young Trump administration. While many of the battles were fought under Obama, Trump pursued the enemy relentlessly. He delegated decision-making to commanders in the field, they fought within the laws of war, and they prevailed. Trump promised to defeat ISIS, and he has delivered a tremendous victory.

Mr. Trump began work on his promise the first full day in office. Ten months later, the parties allied in this fight have accomplished much.

Now we just need the media to notice.

Don’t hold your breath.