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Teaching Reason to College Students Enslaved by their Appetites and Feelings

2015-11-19-2a1f10b8_large Patriot PostAdam J. MacLeod, (from the clan MacLeod–did you do that with the accent?) recently shared a speech he gave to his students in an article titled, Undoing the Dis-Education of Millennials.

Adam teaches Law and has found that many of the students in his class while bright and ready to learn, “cannot think, don’t know very much, and are enslaved to their appetites and feelings. Their minds are held hostage in a prison fashioned by elite culture and their undergraduate professors.”

Mr. MacLeod (from the clan MacLeod–sorry, can’t help myself), embarks on an explanation of the problem and his solution, that is loaded with home runs.

Before I can teach you how to reason, I must first teach you how to rid yourself of unreason. For many of you have not yet been educated. You have been dis-educated. To put it bluntly, you have been indoctrinated. Before you learn how to think you must first learn how to stop unthinking.


They cannot learn until their minds are freed from that prison. This year in my Foundations of Law course for first-year law students, I found my students especially impervious to the ancient wisdom of foundational texts, such as Plato’s Crito and the Code of Hammurabi. Many of them were quick to dismiss unfamiliar ideas as “classist” and “racist,” and thus unable to engage with those ideas on the merits.

Their minds are so closed by the social engineering of the utopian campus culture that anything which deviates outside their narrow worldview is a trigger.

“…you have been taught to resort to two moral values above all others, diversity and equality. These are important values if properly understood. But the way most of you have been taught to understand them makes you irrational, unreasoning. For you have been taught that we must have as much diversity as possible and that equality means that everyone must be made equal. But equal simply means the same. To say that 2+2 equals 4 is to say that 2+2 is numerically the same as four. And diversity simply means difference. So when you say that we should have diversity and equality you are saying we should have difference and sameness. That is incoherent, by itself. Two things cannot be different and the same at the same time in the same way.”

The constriction of the Equality and Diversity culture is an oxymoron, with an emphasis on moron. By its own admission, its “ideals” are impossible to attain because too much of what is “desired” is prohibitive by design.

The easiest example is the growing conflict between new-wave feminism and transgenderism. They are both pillars of the New Social Justice World Order, but the mobility of the gender spectrum is entirely antithetical to institutional left-wing feminism. Men claiming to be women are interlopers polluting the sisterhood. Neither taxpayer-funded drug-therapy nor surgery can change this. Trans-moles are spies and not tolerated.

Feminazis demand gender purity. Your feelings, your intentions are irrelevant.

And, of course, as I’ve pointed out repeatedly, there is no equality of condition with regard to ideology altogether negating diversity of opinion. A vacuum in which the rules of the hive mind are redefined by mob rule and enforced through intimidation, excommunication, and even physical abuse. All other things being equal, a physically qualified candidate for any given progressive tribe cannot participate equally in the benefits afforded the victim class if their opinion deviates from the sacred party text.

They really are, as Adam points out, hostages to a prison of impulses based on contradictory maxims, which is why, in my opinion, they are so quickly moved to violence.

And what makes it even more tragic is that the mere supposition often results in backlash from the afflicted, though Adam suggests that his students received the speech well. And that is good to hear. Perhaps he will, to paraphrase Morpheus from The Matrix, free their minds. Saving even one mind would be worth it but one professor in one class is like rowing up a waterfall.

The future of the culture and the nation will require a few more speeches like this in a lot more classrooms than just his.

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