"Catastrophic" Sea Level Rise Takes a Holiday - Granite Grok

“Catastrophic” Sea Level Rise Takes a Holiday

seal-level-sat-oct2017-zoomGlobal interglacial sea level rise has been pretty consistent over the centuries at a few millimeters per year. This trend has been ignored as rent-seekers and political opportunists jokey for the lead role in “Scare taxpayers out of their money part one-million-something; Climate Doom!”

And while climate is way down on most people’s lists of priorities the environmentalists continue to attach taxpayer milking machines to citizens wallets to belay their pet neurosis. Or maybe they are just evil and greedy? Whatever it is they are wrong and recent data from NOAA, pictured above, not only keeps the slow steady (not at all catastrophic) rate of interglacial sea level rise in line with hundreds of years of trends it includes a pause.

Let the “you are all deniers” chest-pounding begin.