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NH Democrats Defend the Right to End A Woman’s Pregnancy Against her Will

Democrat Handmaidens of death
Democrat Handmaidens of death

Yesterday the New Hampshire House passed SB 66, the Fetal Homicide Bill. Gov. Sununu is going to sign it. No, the legislation is not perfect. There are those who will point out rightly why we could have done better, and where the pitfalls lay. But for the sake of consistency on my part, I have to give my approval for two reasons.

  1. The left went batsh*t crazy in opposing it. 154 out of 158 Democrats who cast a vote voted no. When Democrats don’t want something that badly I have to consider that it might be good legislation after all, even if it’s not great law.
  2. Theatre. A gaggle of Hand Maidens, per the series liberals have been falling all over themselves (incorrectly) to compare to the so-called tyranny of the Trump administration made an appearance before the vote to make a point that the bill promoted some sort of sexual slavery.

Point 1 is important but point 2 is more revealing because it may get the attention of people who don’t typically care about local politics. This ‘display’ helps frame the Democrat vote. This is the party of death.

A Fetal homicide bill attempts to protect the interests of mothers and family when a pre-born child dies as the result of someone else’s negligence. By opposing it, Democrats are both defending the right to end a woman’s pregnancy against her will.

The Handmaidens, two of whom appear to be young men, 154 New Hampshire House Democrats, and every Democrat in the New Hampshire State Senate, along with the entire abortion lobby and their water carriers, are defending the right to end a woman’s pregnancy against her will.

Talk about a war on women. Talk about attacking women’s health, both physical and mental. This isn’t just craven devotion to the billions of dollars doled out by an abortion industrial complex that will brook no defectors; it’s evil.

The Republicans (even the ones who opposed the bill for failing to provide enough protection) would do well to carry this into battle with them every day in every race, against any Democrat who is not pro-life (if such a creature still exists).

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