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Zandra Rice Hawkins Plies Her Progressive Trade Against Frank Edelblut’s Nomination

letter_wide-114373157624ef432f57452b56c2eb19289fd314-s6-c30Susan Olsen posted this on Facebook. She credits it to Zandra Rice “Crispy” Hawkins at GraniteState Progress, New Hampshire’s out-of-state funded progressive mouthpiece for Progress Now the Democracy Alliance and the culturally bankrupt Alt-Left agenda.

“P.S. A word of caution for New Hampshire educators: The current Executive Council has 3 Republicans and 2 Democrats, which means there is a decent chance that Frank Edelblut will be confirmed. This does not mean we should not take action to oppose Edelblut’s nomination but if you have any concerns about how public opposition to Edelblut could affect your professional career in the future, we encourage you to instead make your opposition to Edelblut anonymously by sending a letter to Executive Councilor Andru Volinsky at P.O. Box 1181, Concord 03302. Letters must be received by January 30th to be entered into the record on January 31st. Thank you.”

My Facebook Reply?

“Three points. 1) Thanks for the confirming evidence that the left still punishes dissenters were the shoe on the other foot. 2) Anonymous “letters” could be sent by any liberal douche-bag on planet earth. Same for emails, though those will not have a Cambridge MA, Berkeley CA., Virginia or DC postmark. 3.) Zandra Rice “crispy” Hawkins is actually the short form of the original Zandra Rice ‘Crispy Treats’ Hawkins. (ZRCTH).”


Hey Zandra, why not just ask Daily Kos, and People for the American Way to “help” collect signed online petitions. Just as legitimate as anonymous letters.

Good times. And there’s no reason to let them end.

Zandra already has a sketchy history presenting non-New Hampshire petitions as evidence of the will of Granite Staters, so the credibility of anonymous input is easily suspect. And since out-of-state funded Zandra Rice “Crispy Treats” Hawkins, who never had to worry about being “investigated” by Obama’s IRS, has gone to all this trouble to provide an address I think we should use it.

Send a letter to Councilor Volinsky in support of Frank Edelblut for New Hampshire Commissioner of Education and provide your real name and the town or city in New Hampshire where you live. When these are “entered into the record,” they should carry a good deal more weight than anonymous missives with no verifiable contact or point of origin. (One would hope.)

Executive Councilor Andru Volinsky at P.O. Box 1181, Concord 03302.

And don’t just write to Volinsky. Send copies to the Republican Executive Councilors as well, via email, the Executive Council Office, (603) 271-3632, or call them directly (see below). And be sure to ask them to question how many of Volinsky’s “letters” can be identified as from actual New Hampshire residents?

That will be fun for the assembled crowd to witness.

And don’t forget. Zandra says the Letters must be received by January 30th (which is tomorrow) so you might want to email or call instead.

Executive Council Office, (603) 271-3632

Joe Kenney (R)
Cell: (603) 581-8780
Home Office: (603) 473-2569

Russell Prescott (R)
Cell: (603) 231-7822

Dave Wheeler (R)
Home Office: (603) 672-6062

Andru Volinsky (D)
Home Office: (603) 491-0376

Chris Pappas (D)
Cell: (603) 867-8438